St Matthew's Concert Choir
John Rutter Requiem
Karl Jenkins The Armed Man
25th April 2005

Video - John Rutter Requiem
01 Requiem Aeternam
02 Out Of The Deep
03 Pie Jesu
04 Sanctus
05 Agnus Dei
06 The Lord Is My Shepherd
07 Lux Aeterna
Video - Karl Jenkins The Armed Man
01 The Armed Man
02 The Call To Prayers
03 Kyrie
04 Save Me From Bloody Men
05 Sanctus
06 Hymn Before Action
07 Charge
08 Silence
09 Last Post
10 Angry Flames
11 Torches
12 Agnus Dei
13 Now That The Guns Have Stopped
14 Benedictus
15 Better Is Peace
16 Bows and Credits
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Rutter Requiem and Jenkins The Armed Man.
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Audio - Karl Jenkins The Armed MAn
Audio - John Rutter Requiem